Thinking about getting fit and active? But… There’s always a but!

Many of us recognise that we need to do more sport and exercise and we understand the benefits of being active such as; lower risk of life-changing illnesses, manage weight, stronger heart and lungs, lower risk of diabetes and positive effect on our mental health yet still so many of us are struggling to fit sport and exercise into our week.

A recent study by ukactive found that 12.5 million people in England aren’t doing at least 30 minutes of heart-raising activity a week. If you break it down, that’s 10 minutes a day for three days a week.

Most of us have busy lives so there are lots of reasons why we are struggling to lead an active lifestyle;

  • It can be difficult finding someone to look after the kids.
  • Sometimes it’s a struggle to achieve that work/life balance.
  • When you get home each night, low energy levels make it more tempting to want to chill on the sofa.
  • You worry about looking daft, not being fit enough or not wearing the right clothes. In the end the effort is just too much.
  • Maybe you just don’t know where you can go to be active or you really can’t find the motivation to get you out of the front door.

We Move She Moves tries to make it as easy as possible for you to be active. We Move She Moves offers 22 different activities for you to enjoy, from yoga to Pilates, Tennis to Trampolining, Dance to Bootcamp and many more. There are lots of classes for you to try to help you find the right one for you. Most of the classes are aimed at all ages. Some of the classes incorporate your baby and are delivered by post-natal qualified instructors. Our courses are designed to help you learn the correct technique so you can exercise safely, particularly running, suspension training and Nordic walking.

Instructors are really friendly and they will help to put any doubts at ease. You don’t need to be super fit either; the instructors are really good at tailoring to your fitness levels so there is no need to worry about looking silly or not keeping up. When several of the women started taking part in We Move She Moves classes, they hadn’t exercised since having children over 10 years ago.

Sessions are held at different times of the day to fit your schedule. You don’t need to book in advance either just turn up. We do ask that people commit to our Learn to courses as they run on consecutive weeks and you will need to book in advance.

There is a perception that being active has to be expensive. You don’t need any specialist clothes or equipment to participate in our classes – only a mat or towel for yoga and pilates. All equipment is provided by our instructors. We advise that you wear comfortable clothes and shoes. You may want to invest in a supportive sports bra if you’re doing anything energetic.  You’ll find our We Move She Moves classes are some of the cheapest around, we subsidise the classes to make them affordable for you – only £4 a class.

If you’re still struggling, here are some tips to help you be active;

  • Bring your friends, relatives, or co-workers. Book a date with a friend to go to a class, you won’t want to let them down. You’ll enjoy the company and the encouragement of a partner. If both of you haven’t attended any We Move She Moves classes before, you both get that class free!
  • Prepare your gym bag the night before with comfortable shoes and loose fitting clothes, leave it at the door to remind you on the way out.
  • Select a class at a time of the day when you tend to feel more energetic. Make your lunchtime count or go straight after work. Once you sit on the sofa, it’s hard to want to leave the house again.
  • Set yourself a goal. Being active isn’t just about reducing the numbers on the scales. Being active can have a much bigger impact on you. You could start on something simple such as being able to climb the stairs without getting out of breath or spending less time sitting time. Gradually you can change your goals to drop a dress size, tone up a certain area of the body or feel less stressed. Being active can help you;
    • Get a better night’s sleep
    • Feel more energetic throughout the day
    • Be in a better mood
    • Increase your concentration
  • If you have any doubts, speak to one of our team on 020 8207 7801 or send us a message on Facebook We Move She Moves.